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We knew how to service before we knew how to sell is more than just a slogan. It’s the foundation upon which DLI’s business is built. The strength of DLI is rooted in its origins as a service center for data collection equipment, starting back in 1990. As we’ve grown to become a leading manufacturer of rugged tablet and in-vehicle computers, so too has our reputation for providing world-class service and support. We offer a variety of service and support plans, each built around the goal of keeping your mobile rugged devices on the job, not in the repair depot. With a staff of technicians trained in component level repair (not just board level), our in-house Service & Support Group offers the most cost-efficient repair services available.


no-faultDLI has designed a No-Fault Service Plan as reliable as the mobile computers it supports. The entire line of DLI rugged tablet and in-vehicle computers comes backed by an available No-Fault Service Plan that is the envy of the industry. If your DLI device fails, breaks or just plain wears out anytime within the program period, we’ll repair or replace the unit at no cost to you. There are no hidden surcharges, no unseen depreciation charts. We are so sure of the quality designed and built into every DLI rugged mobile computer that we’re willing to stake our name, our reputation and our future on it. Our No-Fault Service Plan is just another example of DLI’s commitment to delivering lasting value and a high ROI by developing products, processes and policies that meet the needs of our customers.


Knowledge. Experience. Follow-through. More than just words, these are the tools of our trade. At DLI, we have a long history of being at the forefront of mobile computing and data collection technologies. By looking at mobile computing through the eyes of our customers, we see beyond industry hype to provide real-world products and solutions that allow businesses to capture, communicate and collaborate throughout the entire enterprise. Our Professional Services Group exists with the singular goal of providing world-class solutions design and project management services, working together in a customer-centric environment designed to deliver results.

  • Cisco®-certified Wireless Networks
  • Application Development Support
  • Project Staging
  • Customer-specified Product Modifications
  • Product Life Cycle Management