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Valued Customer:

To obtain a return material authorization number (RMA #) prior to shipping your DLI product in for service, complete the form below and click the submit button. Please follow the safety and shipping directions given below, and provide as much detail as possible regarding the problem or issue you are experiencing. If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact us at 1-800-526-1299.


Note that Standard Repairs are processed on a “First In First Out” method. Service Contract, Warranty and Out of Box Failures are given top priority but may incur charges if product is misused or abused. We strive to return all repairs as quickly as possible in order to keep our customers’ down time to a minimum. In an effort to keep the repair shipments at a continual flow we ask that you promptly reply to any applicable estimates that are issued for your repair. Repair estimates that receive no response will be considered void after 90 days and any product associated with that estimate will be disposed of on day 91 at the discretion of DLI. We thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Please note: 

it is your responsibility to back up the contents of your hard drive before services are performed, and remove any data from parts or products returned to DLI. The contents of your hard drive may be lost and/or reformatted during service and DLI will not be held liable for any damage to or loss of any programs, data, or other information stored on or in any product serviced by DLI. The contents of your hard drive may be altered, deleted, and/or modified, and may be returned to you configured to the original factory configuration.  Thank you for your cooperation.


The following products are End of Life and will not be accepted for repair: DLI 8200, DLI 8500.  Please contact your sales representative for further information.

  • Where applicable, please send external antennas with units. Make sure they are secured properly; firmly, but not with excessive force.
  • If power related, please send in the battery and power supply that came with the unit.
  • If you have changed the administrator name and/or password, please send login information for troubleshooting and quality testing purposes (write it on a piece of paper and place it in the box with the unit).
  • Unit must be returned with an RMA number clearly marked on the shipping box.
  • A shipping address will be provided to you with an RMA number in your confirmation email.
  • Once you receive instructions, please mail the unit back to DLI.
  • Please over-box product. Customers are responsible for the condition of their product, costs incurred to DLI due to misrepresentation of the condition of the product, and for the cost of freight for returning products. Please see Shipping Your DLI Device.
  • If eligible for replacement, please note that replacement product will not be issued until DLI receives original product.
  • If this is a time & material repair, you will receive a DLI estimate via fax or email before work is completed.
  • If product is replaced, the warranty does not automatically renew, and expires at the same date that the warranty of the original product would have expired.