About Us

Mobile Computers as Tough as the People Who Use Them

At DLI we are dedicated to designing, manufacturing & maintaining rugged mobile computers of lasting value.


We achieve this value through technological innovation, manufacturing quality products, and consistently delivering results that align with customer expectations.


With over 25 years of experience in the mobile computing industry, few understand the challenges of rapidly changing technologies and the increased bottom-line demands placed on mobile operations better than DLI. Our business was built on the premise that if we develop products that balance ingenuity, productivity, and value, our success would come naturally.


By looking at mobile computing through the eyes of our customers we are able to bridge the gap between consumer and industrial devices, providing our customers high-value solutions to their most complex mobile business problems.



Every DLI rugged mobile computer begins as a response to customer-generated challenges, each requiring an innovative, cost-effective hardware solution. From concept to completion, our in-house team of product design, engineering, and mobile solutions professionals work to harness the latest in technological advancements. The result — rugged mobile computers that allow our customers to work in ways and in places they never thought imaginable. Developed around a common architecture, industrial components, and a user-friendly ergonomic design, each DLI device is developed with the goal of providing an enhanced user experience that delivers real-world productivity gains.


As an ISO-9001 leading manufacturer of rugged mobile computers, DLI brings to market innovative products that deliver the flexibility, reliability and return on investment today’s mobile business operations demand. Through global patents, supply chain management and complete ownership of development, DLI is able to control the life cycle of each product in our portfolio.


Built-to-order in our modern, high-efficiency manufacturing facility in the USA, each device is highly configurable to meet the Individual needs of each customer.  By controlling material planning, production scheduling and inspection; DLI’s skilled labor force insures that the same quality product is delivered today as in the future.


The strength and staying power of DLI is rooted in its origins as a service center of wireless data collection equipment, starting back in 1990. As we’ve grown to become one of the industry’s leading manufacturers of rugged mobile computers, so too has our legacy of world-class technical support and customer service. Supported by our in-house Repair Depot, DLI’s exclusive No-Fault Service Plan offers the most cost efficient and timely repair services available in the industry. Our Professional Services Group exists with the singular goal of providing a customer-centric environment, working in concert with our network of authorized Solutions Partners to develop real-world solutions that deliver high return on investment and lasting value.


Our US corporate office and manufacturing facility embodies our commitment to the local and domestic economies, but our business operations reach far beyond.  DLI Taiwan serves as R&D, Procurement, and Sales for the Pacific Rim.  Managed locally in collaboration with our US management and staff, this branch office represents modern globalization at its best.  DLI serves Europe and Latin America through our network of Authorized Resellers and distribution partners. For information regarding global distribution, sales, and service, please call 800.526.1299.



Our corporate office in Lehigh Acres, Florida, houses a growing staff of design, manufacturing, service, and support professionals, all committed to providing our global customer base with world-class products and services. We’re proud to contribute to the growth and prosperity of our community and our customers alike.


Long an innovator and leader in the mobile computing and wireless data collection industry, DLI’s relationships with industry leading technology companies provides us access to some of the most innovative components and products available today.